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Your search for the perfect Lake Tahoe - Carson Valley Wedding starts with the ideal minister.

Don't be tempted to select an officiant from the web alone. This does not guarantee you are using the most reliable person to insure a memorable wedding. You need a local experienced officiant by your side.

Reverend Ronald Z. Sayed - Lake Tahoe Wedding Minister
Reverend Ron Sayed is the officiant more couples consult to insure their special day is most memorable. Lake Tahoe area resident for 43 years and previous owner and non-denominational minister at The Wedding Chapel at Harveys for 26 years. Reverend Sayed has probably married a friend or relative of yours!

Whether your ceremony takes place in a first class hotel with world-class amenities, high on the mountaintop, or right on the beach, Reverend Sayed can offer guidance on location,vows and more. Or perhaps you have your own vows and your own special place in mind. Reverend Ron will be there to help make this your day. His calm manner, compassion and patience is just what you will be looking for on your special day.

Either way, call 775-220-1942 or email Reverend Ron Sayed today to discuss your destination wedding here in the Lake Tahoe area. Services are available at any location surrounding the lake as well as in the Carson Valley and Reno area. Reverend Sayed is licensed to perform weddings in both California and Nevada and does hold a U.S. Forest Permit for those areas that require it.

One call to Reverend Sayed and he will advise you on the necessary marriage license for your location. He can also refer you to the best services the area has to offer in the way of flowers, photography, video, reception ideas and reception locations.


Reverend Ronald Z. Sayed

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